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Pharma IT Academy

Pharma IT is a one-stop consultancy shop providing expert service to the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries.

We have grown rapidly and firmly established ourselves as a trusted partner in the life sciences, with over 60 customers of all sizes.


Now we are bringing our expertise to you!

We created the Pharma IT Academy for life sciences professionals looking for opportunities for professional development and continuous learning, directly from practicing experts.


Founded in 2022, the Pharma IT Academy offers training led by practicing consultants with decades of industry experience.

Our courses integrate modern teaching methodologies and are based on the latest regulatory developments.

We go beyond boring, slide-deck learning to bring you case-based and interactive courses you’ll actually enjoy attending.

Plus, Pharma IT Academy Alumni will gain access to the Pharma IT Network upon course completion.


We’re launching this Fall with courses in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Computer System Validation (CSV) — with additional courses currently in development.

We can’t wait to meet you!